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Say Goodbye to Tennis Elbow and Other Arm and Hand Pain… Forever!

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Is there really a simple and inexpensive fix for one of the most common causes of hand and arm pain? Yes, there is. Tendonitis can cause debilitating pain that can linger and worsen for months to years. There are two main causes of tendonitis. Muscle weakness and muscle imbalance. Overuse of a muscle can cause weakness. Repetitive tasks like gripping a tennis racket or constant typing on a keyboard contribute to weakness due to overuse. Muscle imbalance is where there is a difference in strength between muscles that should counterbalance each other. For example, most people strengthen the muscles that grip or make a fist, but rarely work the muscles that open the hand and extended the fingers. This imbalance overtime causes pain and injury like tendonitis.

The good news is that one simple and inexpensive tool can help fix muscle weakness and muscle imbalance. Resistance bands. Athleema has developed resistance bands designed specifically for your hands.

As always, please consult your physician before beginning any new exercise routine to make sure it is right for you.

Athleema Expand-Your-Hand-Bands are easy to use. Simply pick the resistance level you want to use and then wrap the band around your the tips of your fingers, like the picture to the left.

Complete sets of 10-20 reps. Each rep is when you open your fingers as far as you can. Make slow smooth movements. As you progress you can move up the resistance levels.

As you work with your Athleema Expand-Your-Hand-Bands you will be strengthening the muscles that work to open your hand, mainly the Extensor Digitorum. When most of your daily activities work the muscles required to grip, a weak extensor digitorum is the cause of muscle imbalance. Band workouts reduce that imbalance and relieve pain and the potential for tendonitis.

If you participate in any of the following activities you should be using Athleema Expand-Your-Hand-Bands to prevent injury and improve performance: tennis, golf, baseball, rock climbing, racketball, squash, pickleball, typing, writing, video game controllers, carpenter, and the list goes on and on.

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